Spare Battery

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If you have a phone that's more than a year or two old, the phrase "battery life" probably sounds like a contradiction. And if you tried to get the battery replaced, you were probably told to leave behind your first born and a kidney. Well, not so with us. You can get a battery from us for the low price of one kidney -- keep your first born, we don't want him anyway.

Basic Info

  • 4x the capacity of the iPhone's battery
  • Works in the Chi-qoo power pack kit
  • The battery is intended as a spare, and not for frequent swapping
Technical info
  • 6000mAh / 22Wh Lithium Polymer battery
  • 3.7V nominal (3-4.2V actual)
  • Two 3Ah batteries arranged in 1S2P
  • Includes over-voltage/under-voltage protection circuit
  • 2-pin JST connector (2mm pitch)

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