5W Solar Panel

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5 Watts of green, free energy deliciousness. You can lick it, but mostly you'll want to use it to generate electricity. On a nice sunny day, just 2 hours in the sun will give you enough power to completely recharge a smart phone. You can plug in up to two of these panels into the Chi-qoo power pack.

Technical Specs

  • Up to 5W of output at 5V
  • Highly efficient (17.5%) monocrystalline cells
  • PET laminate
  • Thick fiberglass PCB backing
  • 1m cable with 5.5mm/2.1mm DC plug
  • 5.5mm/3/16" holes in each corner
  • Bolt onto the backing board for extra durability!

Dimensions: 22cm x 15cm (8.7x5.9in)
Weight: 175g (6oz) with cable, 160g (5.65oz) without cable

Usage Notes

  • Solar panels need unobstructed sunlight.
  • Shadows and cloud cover may significantly reduce output.
  • These panels work best outdoors. Some windows (including car windshields) may block up to 90% of available energy.
  • For best results, point the panel directly at the sun.
How durable are these panels?

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  • 5W Solar Panel

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