Solar Battery Charger Comparison

At BootstrapSolar, we want to make sure you buy the best product out there. But, we want you to buy our product. That means we basically need to make sure we have the best product out there. Here, we compare our Chi-qoo kit to other commercial offerings that are in a similar price-range to show you that we have the best kit for the price.

Chi-qoo Changers Starter Kit   Goal Zero Guide 10   Joos Orange Voltaics Fuse
Standard solar wattage 5W 4W 3.5W 2.5W 4W
Max solar wattage 10W 5W 7W 18W 7.8W2
Output 1.5A 1A 1A 1A 0.6A
USB Ports 2 1 1 1 1
Battery capacity
6000mAh/22Wh 4400mAh/16Wh 10Wh1 5400mAh/20Wh 3000mAh/11Wh
Replaceable battery Yes ($25) No Yes Yes No
Replaceable solar panels Yes (5W for $29) ? ? No Yes (2W for $25)
iPad support Yes ? Yes Yes Sorta
Enclosure* Bamboo Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic
Software integration No Yes No Yes No
DIY/FIY+ Yes No No No No
Price $117 $149 $129.95 $149 $129
* - Bamboo is more sustainable, but some people like plastic.
+ - Do-it-your-self / Fix-it-yourself (all replacement components are available for sale individually)
1 - Uses rechargeable NiMH batteries instead of LiPoly.
2 - Based on max rated input of 12V 650mA