Solar Li-Ion / Li-Poly Charger

$25.00 USD

This circuit is a single-cell Lithium Ion / Lithium Polymer battery charging circuit, optimized for charging from solar panels. It is based on the Open Source design by Adafruit Industries, however, some changes have been made specifically for use in the Chi-qoo kit.

This version has:

  • Two 2.1mm/5.5mm DC jacks
  • Pre-configured for 1000mA fast charge current
  • On-board thermistor configured for 0-70C*
  • 2000uF capacitor on-board
  • Vertical JST connectors for easier access
Key specs:
  • Based on the MCP73871 chip
  • Charges any 3.7V/4.2V single cell Li-Ion or Li-Poly battery
  • Input: 5-6V DC
  • Charge current: 1000mA
  • Current sense feature maximizes available power
  • 3 LED indicators for "Power Good", "Charging" and "Charged".
  • Input current is directed to load
  • LOAD can be powered by DC input or battery
This is Open Source Hardware. Design files can be downloaded from GitHub.

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  • Solar Li-Ion / Li-Poly Charger

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