Show your support for BootstrapSolar by sticking one of our stickers onto something stickerable! Yes, "stickerable" is a word in my dictionary, and it means "not a cat".

Cool! But $5 for a stinkin' sticker?! 
Well, not quite. These stickers don't stink. In fact, they don't smell like much at all...

On a more serious note, the price reflects the fact that shipping you even a single sticker is actually quite a lot of work for us, because we do our own order fulfillment. When you buy from big online retailers, there are hordes of poorly paid workers being treated like animals so that customers can get their goods quickly and cheaply. Big businesses will tell you that they have no choice but to under-pay workers and treat them poorly. Maybe so, but we have a choice, and we've made the choice to treat everybody well, even if it means charging $5 for a sticker.

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